Our Instructors

Gregg Harris – Lead Instructor and Principal Trainer

In addition to being our lead instructor, Gregg is also a professional Excel/VBA developer who specializes in turning raw data into clear and concise business information. Over his 25-year career he has implemented solutions for companies of all sizes including Sempra Energy, Merck & Co. Inc., Bank of America Corp., Apple Inc., McGraw-Hill, Intel Corporation, SDG&E, and many others.

As a principal trainer he has organized and conducted instructional seminars throughout the country for both in-house applications and enterprise-level software installations. A key component of that instruction has always included in-depth Excel training for key user groups and corporate development teams.

Gregg developed the CornerStone® software development platform (and accompanying CornerStone® developer tools) based on MS Excel/VBA. He is an expert in complex model creation, structured VBA development (object-oriented programming, UDFs), systems integration, and rapid application development, employing Excel professionally since Version 2.

He has created tools and processes that enhance and streamline data compilation and reporting for various database management systems (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access), including upload/extraction processes to-and-from Excel. He has also created highly sophisticated Excel models used in financial planning, forecasting, and reporting— incorporating charts, pivot tables, lookups, and myriad other native Excel functionalities.

Most recently he co-developed a cloud-based iPhone App, creating the back-end database using MySQL (a SQL-compliant relational database) and generating all accompanying middleware using PHP (a server-side scripting language). To support the app he created an Excel-based client that manages the data using VBA automation, integrating Microsoft XML libraries (to transfer data using POST) and other Shell controls (for use in file transfers via FTP protocols).

In today’s fast-paced business environment many company/corporate decisions are based on gathering and analyzing quantitative data, so it’s imperative that you know how to take raw data and translate it into something meaningful and concrete. Gregg’s number one goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need in order to become a proficient, qualified, and accomplished Excel power user!

“I use MS Excel every day in my job as a Field-based Sales Rep (for a Fortune 150 company), and being able to effectively analyze large amounts of customer sales data is imperative to my success. Gregg Harris has been an invaluable resource for both increasing my own knowledge of Excel, as well as helping me with very high-end calculations and analysis. I’ve never known anyone with the depth of knowledge about Excel that Gregg has. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him.” — Scott R., Feb 2014

“I have known Gregg for over 20 years, first professionally as an Excel Developer colleague, then additionally as a close friend. His knowledge of Excel knows few rivals, and his skills using Excel as a development platform is second-to-none. Gregg’s use of Microsoft Excel as a tool to develop successful and long-lived Corporate-level solutions began well before many realized the potential, starting years before the versions that now use today’s VBA language, back when it had much less capabilities and a Lotus 123-like macro language. The creation of his CornerStone® development platform over 15 years ago still cries ‘bleeding-edge’ in how it forms the solid foundation of his existing and future Excel-based solutions for Companies both large and small. Learning from Gregg how to develop solutions using Microsoft Excel should be considered an honor, and he makes it easy using his professional but down-to-earth style.” — Mike Sessions, Co-Founder / Go4 Made In America, Mar 2014