Excel 2013 Essentials

Our Excel 2013 Essentials training is a modified class that covers important core Excel functionalities, including: Workbooks and worksheets, formulas and functions, formatting, printing, and charting. Students will understand how to build formulas (with and without functions) as well as essential printing and formatting techniques. The class also includes a brief review of the Excel application. (One day, 3-hour class.)

Excel 2013 Essentials

This class packs a lot of information into a three-hour block, and if you want to get a solid foundation in short period of time this is the class for you!

Students will be able to use many of the core functionalities within Microsoft Excel, and understand how to navigate, calculate, format, and print worksheets.

Basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel, and have some experience with workbooks, worksheets, and general spreadsheet usage.

  • One day, 3-hour class
  • $199 $149 ($50 discount)



Application Overview

  • Backstage (Files, Options, and Settings)
  • Working with the Ribbon
  • Windows, Panes, and Zooming
  • Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Formulas and Functions

  • Order of Operations
  • The Functions Library
  • Cell References (A1 vs R1C1; Absolute vs Relative)
  • Creating and Using Named Ranges
  • Essential Functions (Sum, Date, Financial, etc.)
  • Nested Functions
  • Moving and Copying Formulas
  • Using the Fill Handle
  • Sorting Columns and Rows

Working with Worksheets

  • Moving, Copying, and Inserting Worksheets
  • Working with Tabs

Formatting and Printing

  • Cell Width and Alignment
  • Formatting Numbers, Dates, and Times
  • Using Page Break Preview
  • Merging Cells and Wrapping Text
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
  • Printing a Worksheet

Working with Charts

  • Creating Charts
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Modifying Chart Elements
  • Applying a Chart Filter
  • Printing Charts
  • Creating and Using a Chart Template


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