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There is no substitute for live, on-site, instructor-led classroom training… especially when your instructor draws upon real-world experience to support, enhance, and improve the learning process! You, too, can benefit from the depth of knowledge and background our instructors bring to the table, and our training specializes exclusively in one product — Microsoft Excel.

Computer Lab at Binary Alembic

(Note: For those who may be new to computers, or who may just want to brush-up on general computer skills, we also offer Computer Basics I and Computer Basics II. These two classes, along with Excel 2013 Essentials, are generally scheduled during the evening.)

Why Excel?

  • Microsoft Excel is one of the most prevalent business applications in-use worldwide.
  • Having a fundamental knowledge of Excel can give you a significant career boost.
  • Excel allows you to manipulate, manage, and analyze data, assisting in the decision making process and promoting efficiencies that directly affect your bottom line.
  • Proficiency in Excel is one of the key qualifications most universally sought by employers.

We invite you to develop your skills, increase your knowledge, and enhance your career opportunities by enrolling in one of our classes today! We look forward to seeing you.

Interactive, Hands-on Learning

  • When learning the piano you don’t simply sit, watch, and take notes while the teacher plays. No! You put your fingers on the piano keys and pound away! Being able to actually practice and implement the concepts as they are taught accelerates the learning process.
  • We assign each student a state-of-the-art computer workstation to use for the duration of the class.

Ideal Class Sizes

Computer Lab at Binary Alembic

  • Too many students per class can negatively impact (and degrade) the typical learning curve.
  • Our small class sizes provide optimal conditions for:
    • immersive cognition — the activities of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering.
    • concept assimilation — to learn something so that it is fully understood and can be used; taken into the mind and thoroughly comprehended.
  • You will actually understand, remember, and use what you learn in our classes!

Customized Training

  • For clients with more unique requirements we can customize our curriculum¹ to address your specific needs, helping you to achieve the most efficient and effective training results available.
    • Greater Proficiency = Greater Productivity!
  • This approach is ideal for our corporate clients; please contact us for more information.

Visual Basic for Applications

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

  • We offer VBA training, from introduction through advanced development.
  • Unleash the full power of Excel by learning VBA, Excel’s built-in programming language.
  • Developers can learn advanced techniques and processes using real-life examples and scenarios; we also provide code snippets and libraries for you to use in your own projects!

Central Location

Kennedy Center

  • Our offices are part of the Kennedy Center complex in beautiful Denver, Colorado, located just north of the Denver Tech Center (DTC), near Kennedy Golf Course and Cherry Creek State Park.
  • Ideally situated at the corner of Hampden and Havana, with easy access to I-25 and I-225; close to Light Rail, RTD Bus, and Park & Ride. The complex also offers plenty of free parking.
  • For those flying in from out-of-town, we’re just a short drive from Denver International Airport (DIA), along Peña Boulevard to I-225. There are also many fine hotels nearby to choose from.

Other Important Information

  • ¹Groups of five (5) or more enrolled in the same class may request customized training. Please contact us with the details, including date, desired curriculum, and number of attendees.
  • Student discounts are available. (Minors aged 14 or under are not permitted. Anyone between the ages of 15-17 wishing to attend must have a paid registration and be accompanied by a paid attendee of 18 years or older.)
  • We also offer discounts if you are currently between jobs. Please call for details.

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